T32 Overview

Training Program Overview

The mission of this T32 program is to train a diverse group of post-doctoral fellows, provide them with world-class opportunities to develop and translate neuromodulation technologies, and launch their careers as the next generation of thought leaders in the field of translational neuromodulation research.

The training program pairs post-doctoral fellows with faculty co-mentors from (1) fundamental neuroscience or neuroengineering fields and (2) clinical disciplines. Fellows conduct translational research with program faculty who are pioneers in the clinical translation of (a) deep brain stimulation therapies for neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, (b) spinal cord stimulation for post-injury restoration of volitional movement and autonomic function, (c) peripheral nerve stimulation for treatment of cardiometabolic and inflammatory disorders, and (d) techniques for manipulating the spread of brain cancer.

This program taps into outstanding translational neuromodulation research programs and facilities at the University of Minnesota and integrates our fellows into the unique medical device ecosystem of Minnesota, which is home to many global medtech companies that are developing neuromodulation technologies.




Dr. Elizabeth Bottorff was awarded the second Minnesota Translational Neuromodulation Fellowship. Her selected mentors are Drs. David Darrow and Tay Netoff. Congratulations Elizabeth!

Dr. Grace Conchas was awarded the first Minnesota Translational Neuromodulation Fellowship. Her selected mentors are Drs. Peggy Nelson and Hubert Lim. Congratulations Grace!